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“At Home or On The Go”


Fitteroy Premium Heavy Duty Exercise Handles

(Set of 2) for Cable Machines and Resistance Bands

Fitteroy Pull-Up Assist Resistance Bands

Great for Pull Up Assistance and HIIT Bodyweight Training Workouts


Promotes Mobility, Healing and Muscle Building

Muscles and Brains unisex t-shirt

Perfect tee for gym-goers

“Great Bands to use with bench press workouts. The resistance added by these bands when weightlifting is just right for helping me increase tension when the band is furthest away from my chest. I also use the band for resisted push ups and squats.Glad I chose this band , definitely recommend!!!”

– Zev S., November 23, 2017

“Excellent addition to Bodyweight training. The rubber is sturdy and looks like it will last a long time. Much better than the one that my gym has.

– Sam Sox., December 12, 2017

“After struggling with an Achilles heel pain after doing some heavy lifting at Crossfit, I tried to alleviate with massage and other tools, but it wasn’t until my trainer suggested the Voodoo band that I found it to be a remarkable tool. There is no real understanding of how this works, but it does. The compression is phenomenal and releases the blood flow into the inflamed area. If you have some discomforts after hard exercise, give it a try.

– Jacqueline Wales, May 13, 2017

“Luve these!! I use them with The Chair Gym. fit and stay on securely,during you’re workout. WON’T come undone or slip off . Unlike the ankle straps that come with it.,Also ,Well padded to fit around you’re ankles securily. NO discomfort, I want to Thank The company that invented them ,Work Great!!!! Easy to install in place of the ankle straps that come with it. just undo the others and hook these in place by the half or horse shoe shaped rings that are attached to them.

– Scott Kelker, August 20, 2016


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