Product Description

What is a Fitteroy Compression Floss Band?

Ever tried using Voodoo Floss bands? This is a fairly new and popular technique that requires you to tie a special compression band around a particular group of muscles to enhance muscle building by restoring movement in joints and promote healing.

Based on the latest research, this technique is more effective in restoring mobility to some areas of the body than using foam rollers or lacrosse balls.

Fitteroy Compression Floss Bands are made out of 100% durable natural latex. Our bands are made to last a long time.

Why use a compression band?

Using a Fitteroy Compression Band can help you recover faster from injuries of the connective tissues and joints, such as sprains, muscle fatigue, pulled muscle, tendinitis, tennis elbow etc. It does so by compressing the area, constricting the muscles and restricting blood flow, which in turn prevents further inflammation and injury to the area. Flossing helps to break down toxins in the area of the compression. When the constriction is removed, blood rushes back in and helps flush out the toxins and boost healing.

Very effective in restoring mobility.

Keeping your body’s mobility is a major benefit of using Fitteroy compression floss bands. They allow for great blood supply to any area where they are used. By wrapping the muscle tightly, forcing it through a range of motions, then releasing the band, it helps the muscle fibers break up lactic acid in the muscle. It also keeps the soreness and stops the muscles from stiffening after a workout.

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