Product Description


Fitteroy heavy duty 41” crossfit bands are great for doing assisted pull ups, chin ups, dips, muscle ups, P90X, insanity, crossfit, pilates, speed and agility training and much more. From beginner to expert, there is a band for every stage.

There are 5 color-coded versions of the natural latex rubber stretch bands to choose from, each band measures 41” in length, but varies in width and overall resistance. You can also combine them for added strength and tension. THE BANDS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY. Be creative…mix and match, or use one band at a time.


As you get stronger you’ll need to lower the pull up assistance to account for your new strength. The thinner the band, the more energy you need to use. For example the purple combined with the black band, offers roughly the same amount of resistance as the green or blue band (depending on your body weight), but the combination gives you three different levels of assistance (one with the black band, one with purple band, and one with both bands).

This also allows you to do drop sets – i.e. doing a set with just the black band until you can’t do any more reps and then adding the purple band to get a few more pull ups in. Before you know it you’ll be doing pull ups without assistance altogether!


Achieve those lean and powerful muscles you always dreamed of…

Haven’t mastered pull ups yet? These bands are the perfect solution for you! A perfect tool that caters to all, men and women, from beginners to professional athletes

Other uses include powerlifting (a great alternative to barbell deadlifts), speed and agility training, flexibility and stretching exercises, HIIT and bodyweight training, prehab and rehab etc.

Fitteroy bands are made from 100% natural latex through a continuous layering process, these bands will surely last and maintain its flexibility. The layering process prevents snapping, making it very safe to use. Do not use if you have a latex allergy.


Use the chart on top of the page to help you find the right band/bands for pull up assistance
Each band has a different tension level measured in pounds of resistance (the strength of the band itself, the thicker the band, the more resistance)

The chart above will show you which band to use according to your bodyweight.

  1. Note how many pull-ups you can do and find that number on the left side of the chart
  2. Find your weight and find that number on the top of the chart
  3. Follow those numbers into the center of the chart and note the recommended band color
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