Fight Anxiety the Right Way
By: Vincent Obeñita

We can’t deny that anxiety is slowly making its way, creeping up to people’s minds and letting them down.  In fact, there has been an increase in the mortality rate of those who are suffering from anxiety disorder. Almost 40 million adults are suffering from it, and it’s the leading psychiatric problem in the US. It’s not easy. You’ll always worry, be nervous most of the time, you’ll find it difficult to breathe and you will have panic attacks. Most people would seek medical help from psychologists and psychiatrists, some get helped, and others continue to suffer. Well, before worse comes to worst, why don’t you move your body and start exercising? It will help. Surely!

Did you know? Exercise can help fight short- term anxiety. It is a great way to reduce stress and fatigue. Exercise and other activities that allow you to energetically move your body produce endorphins. These are chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers. The production of endorphins allows you to sleep well, thus, relieving your stress and anxiety. Exercise can also make you feel confident about yourself, making you love yourself more. It helps you to get distracted from negative thoughts, and you will have a social group where you can talk and share your thoughts.

Exercises like yoga, tai chi, and aerobics may help you clear your mind from the worries that you carry. If you’re already experiencing anxiety and don’t know what to do, try exercising. Exercise and see how it works in your system. There is no harm in trying. 

The health of the body is the state of the mind. When our body is healthy, so is our mind. That is why exercise is a fun and easy way to reduce your stresses and pressures in life. Don’t hit rock bottom, hit the gym instead!


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